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You've gone through the BCI program, you've trusted us with your family and your time, and you've already given so much in our efforts to build a truly comprehensible veteran family equine program.  Now, we have one more favor to ask.  We have been continually trying to get our aftercare program right, however something seems to be missing.  We need to hear from you on what you thought we did well, and what might be better.

When we think of aftercare, we don't think of it in it's traditional sense of therapy, appointments, check-ups, etc.  We think of aftercare as a way of continually staying connected with one another, refreshing what we've learned, and creating a space for whatever is needed from the group at that time.

Below are a few quick questions to gain your feedback.

What has been most valuable to you and your interactions with family? Aftercare targeted.....
Do you prefer having aftercare open to...
What do you think is more valuable?
Do you like having lunch (or refreshments) after these activities?
What days typically work better for you to participate?
Would you be open to us opening aftercare up to the public?

Please rate the below on a scale of 1-5, How enjoyable or valuable you thought each was.  If you didn't do one of the activities please rate based on your interest.

Leading horses through the desert.
Groundwork in a round pen.
Attending the Pima County Rodeo.
Games/Challenges using the horse.
Horse brushing and hair braiding.

Thanks for your feedback!

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