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BaseCamp For Veterans


BaseCamp for Veterans, Inc. ("BCI") was founded by life-long friends Deborah Plum & Theo Windish, who each have experience in both the private and public sectors, and who have spent a significant portion of their professional lives connecting people, being a part of charitable groups, and investing their time in projects that served a variety of communities.

The desire to create something sustainable that truly gives back to generations of people, combined with a palpable awareness of the noticeable decline in comprehensive veteran services, particularly ones that include families as part of the process, led Theo and Deborah to conclude that the veteran community was where they needed to focus their energy.

Our Mission: To respond to the needs of those who serve our nation and protect its values, by promoting personal and professional growth, and contributing to an effective, sustainable path towards reintegration.


The Week-Long Program: The entry way into BCI’s community is an immersive week-long groundwork-focused equine therapy program. During the week-long immersive program veterans work with mustangs - wild horses that have had little human contact, and all participants have the opportunity to participate in BCI-tailored horsemanship clinics, and to ride fully trained horses. For more information about how BCI runs its week-long, check out What We Do and our Sample Program Schedule!


Beyond The Week-Long Program:  Once veterans and their family members have participated in the week-long program, they are eligible for additional services including: (i) peer-to-peer mentoring (focused on personal and professional growth), (ii) three-months of fully subsidized bi-monthly therapy sessions for veterans to continue along the path they started during the week-long program, (iii) monthly equine therapy clinics for veterans and their family members, which will take place every month for 6 months following the week-long program and (iv) the ability to attend BCI’s annual reunion for all prior class members.  

Where We Operate: BCI’s week-long program is currently held annually in Tucson, Arizona, and all follow up services are geared toward helping local veterans and their families. In the future BCI hopes to expand to other locations as long as the three fundamental elements of BCI’s program are available.  


How  To  Find  Out More: Email us at!  Reach out on  social media and sign up for our newsletter!


As of 2018 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages a herd of over 80,000 wild mustangs and burros.  This is approximately 50,000 more animals than the land can withstand. BCI isn't an animal rights organization, but is proud to contribute to the training and homing of these beautiful creatures.

BCI is fortunate to work with a variety of partners that each contribute in their own way, to ensure that the three fundamental elements of our program are always present, and that the services we offer are truly responsive to the needs of our veterans and their families.

Tamara Clause


White Stallion Ranch


Carol Bachman


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