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BaseCamp Basic Training FAQs

(1) What do I wear for activities?  Is dinner formal?


For riding, e-biking, shooting and archery, we recommend jeans, closed toed shoes, and a hat for sun protection!  If you are staying for more than one segment and you and your family would like some down time, you are welcome to use the pool.


Dinner is fairly casual but you are welcome to change if you are staying the whole day (see below).


(2) What if I am coming for the whole day and want a place to change before dinner or between activities? 


White Stallion Ranch has been kind enough to donate its facilities for this event, which includes the use of the spa shower and changing room if needed. 


(3) How do I know which activity I will participate in for the morning and/or afternoon segment? 


After you have RSVPd and purchased a ticket you will be on our event mailing list. 


The week of the event we will send a sign up sheet for you to select from the archery, e-bike and shooting options. Please note the selections are first come first serve with a maximum of 10-15 participants per activity.


(4) What if I have never ridden a horse before/don’t want to?


Every activity involving horses has a non-riding option. No pressure! That being said White Stallion Ranch is a great place to learn. 

(5) What exactly is team penning?

Team penning is a taste of real ranch work, where you work in groups of four to move cattle into a pen while on horseback.  It's a timed event and our participants love the friendly competition!  If you don't want to participate you can absolutely observe and we will have some fun swag for people in the stands!


(6) What if I would like to stay over at White Stallion Ranch?  Can I bring my family?


We have some rooms available/on hold for the event. First come first serve! Make sure to ask for the BCI rate. 


Please feel free to bring the whole family for any/all of the event. 

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