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Application and Acceptance Process

BCI genuinely believes in serving, and responding to the veteran community.  However, there are factors that may prevent or delay a veteran's acceptance into the program.  For a better understanding of what these are, please contact BCI by clicking here.

To better understand the BCI Application Process please refer to the chart below:


Someone refers you to BCI and wants you to check us out.  Be sure to ask them why they referred you.  What made them think you would be a good fit?  It's always nice to know how others, who maybe know you well, think BCI is helpful.


Complete the application and submit it.  Hang tight, someone will contact you within 2 weeks of the date you submitted your application.


We will review your application.  Please know that all of your information is completely confidential and not shared with anyone.  We want to make sure we have a good sense of why you want to participate and how BCI can work with you.  After all, we believe in community building and hope that all participants are here for the right reasons.


Once reviewed we will reach out to you and discuss further any questions we may have.  This is a great time to ask us questions as well.  We like to think of it as a mutual interview to better get to know each other.  No need to get dressed up, come as you are.


We wish we could accept everyone, but to be honest sometimes it's just not the best time.  Other times it is!  There are many factors that go into how we choose who can participate in this class.  We can only accept 4 veterans and their families at one time, so it can get tough.  We will make sure that we call you no matter what and talk through the details with you, help to develop the next steps and talk about what the options are. If we are all in agreement that this is a good match be on the look out for Next Steps.



Deborah will reach out to you and schedule another telephone or video call.  During this call she is going to take a deeper dive into the expectations of the program.  Everything from the daily demands, to family dynamics, dietary restrictions, accommodations, and general interests in what BCI has in store during the program week.


Theo will reach out to you and schedule another telephone and video call.  During this call you two will take a deeper dive into your overall well-being.  Expect questions like, "where are you today with your mental health,"  "how are your relationships," "what are some things that have held you back?" This is not a clinical assessment or a diagnostic interview.  Instead this is an opportunity for us to get a better understanding of what brought you to BCI and how we can develop programming that fits YOU.  


You'll learn very quickly that we do a great job of keeping in touch with you.  And, to that point, if you have any questions that come up you should never hesitate to reach out.  However, about 1 month prior to the program start date we will schedule a time to check-in with you.  We will finalize any needed accommodations, prepare your TO-DO lists (eg. packing list) and tie up any loose ends.


Our mantra... "Rein Hand Down." It will make more sense with time.  But for now, prepare yourself and your family for a truly meaningful and immersive experience.  This week long program will bring tears, joy, laughter, connection, and life long change.  We look forward to greeting you on day 1.

And that's it!  Leave the rest to us.  We take a lot of pride in making sure that you have a safe and meaningful time.  Though this in not a vacation by any stretch of the imagination while you are participating in the BCI Program we do want to make sure that you are taken care of.  White Stallion Ranch, Dream Horse AZ, and the BCI Team make you our priority. 

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