BCI 2020 Program 

" Class 1 "

Equine Program Overview:


BCI’s 2020 equine program will take place in Tucson, Arizona. During the week-long program veteran participants will spend four days working with mustangs under the supervision of mustang trainer Jeff Cook of Dream Horse, AZ and EAGALA Certified Equine Therapist ,Jessica Miceli.   All participants, veterans and their family members, will be housed at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona where they will be able to participate in all guest activities as well as BCI-tailored horsemanship clinics, rides and lessons. 


The Details:



  • A maximum of 4 veterans, who have been home for a minimum of one year and their families (spouses and children under 18 or other individuals who have served as a support system for the veteran upon returning home). 

  • Veterans who have received some therapy and reintegration services, and who are interested in and open to equine therapy and group discussions. 

  • Veterans who are willing to answer questions, sometimes on camera, about their experience in the military and their experience during the program. 


Where & When & How to Apply?

  • Accommodations & food provided by White Stallion Ranch, Tucson AZ (“WSR”)

  • All work with mustangs will be conducted with mustang trainer Jeff Cook, at Dream Horse, AZ (“Dream Horse”) and an EAGALA Certified Equine Therapist.

  • Applications are available and will close April 30th.  Don't wait, Apply Now 

  • Stay tuned and feel free to send an email introducing yourself any time to info@bcampinc.com.

Beyond the Equine Program: 


  1. Follow Up Calls With BCI: Following the equine program veterans and any interested family members, will be asked to participate in 30, 60, and 90 day follow up calls with BCI representatives.

  2. Peer to Peer Mentoring: BCI hopes to cultivate an organic peer-to-peer mentoring network, and will offer veterans and their family members who participate in the equine program the opportunity to serve as mentors to the next class of participants. 

  3. Individual Equine Assisted Learning Sessions:  For six months following the equine program, veteran participants will attend individual equine assisted learning sessions with Jeff Cook and Jessica Miceli on a monthly, or bi-monthly, basis. The costs of these sessions will be covered by BCI.   

  4. Reunion: Six months after the equine program, BCI will host a two-day reunion for veterans and their family members at Dream Horse. 

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